The suburbs Trenton New Jersey was not exactly the place where you’d expect to find enough animals to fill a small petting zoo in the backyard of modest single story home. It was lucky the lawn was at least large enough to  handle the melee. 

Growing up with this circus of ducks, rabbits, chickens, exotic birds, and the numerous stray dogs we acquired didn’t win over the neighbors much. It wasn’t cute that they had Noah’s Ark next door and—believe me—this zoo woke up waaaaaay early.

As a kid it became natural for me to wonder and be in awe of my furry freaky friends. My little brain would be churning asking questions like: Do chickens or ducks ever get boogers? Or why does a rabbit’s nose twitch so much-—like my brother’s did when my Uncle Al passed gas at the dinner table?

The more I’d observe I just couldn’t resist drawing and painting pictures of these fascinating beings. No wonder my love for animals never ceased and I’m still painting and doing illustrations of animals for what amounts to almost 20 years.


of All Kinds

I do other stuff—like art direction and teaching—so check me out. Maybe having my flesh lacerated or bit into so many times has toughened me up so much that I can handle any challenge. Quite possibly yours?

Oh. I forget to mention . . . chickens do
get boogers. They’re just different

boogers than

you and I

would know.